Why Choose Us

Our Advantages

Small Class Sizes: average 4-5 students per class

Hands-on training in the dental office and on real-life patients

Clear and concise curriculum for dental assistant training

Flexible schedule: program is delivered on weekends (10am-2pm), and clinical
scheduling is created by the students

Job placement: provide resume workshops along with mock interviews

Career Advancement: provider support with dental school and dental hygiene applications, such as personal statement, shadowing hours, letter of recommendations, and mock interviews

Scholarships available for continuing education

Don’t put your life on HOLD. Students enrolled in our program are still able to work full time and attend college full time. Advanced Dental Assisting Academy main goal is to allow students to pursue training as a dental assistant without having to sacrifice work or school

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday
    8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Saturday
    11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday


Choose The Best Education that fits YOUR schedule

Advanced Dental Assisting was created to help bridge the gap and provide mentorship and career development for students. We realize that some people learn better from a hands-on training approach rather than a lecture approach to education, therefore the Advanced Dental Assisting Academy has developed a curriculum for dental assistant training for this type of learner. The course is delivered in a hybrid format allowing students to attend class 2 days per week to be taught dental assisting skills while completing the book work, homework and quizzes online at home on your time. The course is divided into 2 sections, each section will have a Clinical Assessment from the procedures you learn in class and an Written Test that will come directly from the textbook on the chapters assigned to that section.

Students at Advanced Dental Assisting divide their time between our classrooms and the high-tech dental facility we have at each location. Our staff of experienced and talented Dental Assistant instructors provides the hands-on training and the one-on-one education that you need to excel in a Dental Assisting career.

Dental School/ Dental Hygiene Application Assistance

Advanced Dental Assisting provides a number of helpful resources services to help you students applying to dental school and dental hygiene, such as:

  • Personal Statement Revision

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Mock Interviews

  • Shadowing Hours within different offices

  • Scholarships for students seeking advancement in the dental field

Career Assistance

Advanced Dental Assisiting provides a number of helpful career services to help you get your Dental Assistant career started, such as:

  • Resume Review

  • Job interview coaching/mock interviews

  • Career consultation

  • Networking opportunities with different offices

  • Countless new job opportunities, thanks to our partnership with local dentists