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Accelerate your career with a 5-week program that gives students the necessary skills to pursue a successful career in Dental Assisting.

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Our Program

Our 5-Week Dental Assistant Training Program will provide dental assistant training to students as a pathway to enter the dental profession

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Our Program

Change Your Life
in Only 5 Weeks

Our 5-Week Dental Assisting Academy will provide dental assistant training to students as a pathway to enter the dental profession. Before a dental assistant can be qualified to work with a dentist, it is important to provide basic dental knowledge to the future dental assistant. Our program will equip students with the education and hands-on experiences needed to become a successful dental assistant

  • High School Graduates

  • Pre-Dental/Pre-Hygiene students interested in the dental field

  • People looking to change careers

Our Advantages

Small Class Sizes: average 4-5 students per class
Hands-on training in the dental office and on real-life patients
Clear and concise curriculum for dental assistant training
Flexible schedule: program is delivered on weekends (10am-2pm), and clinical scheduling is created by the students
Job placement: provide resume workshops along with mock interviews
Career Advancement: provider support with dental school and dental hygiene applications, such as personal statement, shadowing hours, letter of recommendations, and mock interviews
Scholarships available for continuing education

Don’t put your life on HOLD. Students enrolled in our program are still able to work full time and attend college full time. Advanced Dental Assisting Academy main goal is to allow students to pursue training as a dental assistant without having to sacrifice work or school

Professionalism. Excellence. Experience.

Team of Doctor and Staff

We have a dedicated team of dentists, dental assistant and career advisors just waiting to meet you

Clinical Instructor

Dr. Mohamed Warsame

Career Coordinator

Muna Ali

Classroom Instructor

Idiris Ibrahim

Student testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our student testimonials that recently completed our program.

This program was pivotal in advancing my knowledge in dentistry. Before this program, I had issues absorbing the required knowledge needed to succeed in this field. However, through my time, I acquired new techniques for learning and applying advanced concepts, which helped me to succeed!

Abdirahman Nur

Before coming to this program, I did not know if I wanted to continue learning dentistry. I was struggling with the subject matter, and my grades reflected that. After taking the training, however, my passion for dentistry was rejuvenated! I am glad I took this opportunity, and I would heavily recommend it for you too!

Hashim Raghad

Advanced dental assisting Academy has been really rewarding for me. The career workshops that the instructors hosted, helped me build my professional skills and resume. Mr. Ibrahim and Dr. Warsame have been great mentors for me and have given me advice on what to do as a pre-dental student. I would recommend this program to all pre-dental and premed students interested or curious about dentistry.

Maxwell Coleson

We teach with compassion and enthusiasm for all our students, and pledge to walk side by side with you as we work to support your journey into the dental field

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