Potential Students

High School Graduates

Graduating high school is a significant milestone for all students. We also understand it can be an extremely exciting and confusing time. This is the first time students are given a choice on what path to take. Here at Advanced dental assisting, we want to make that choice easier by providing mentorship and exposure into the dental field. With our 5-week program, we can help students decide whether to continue pursuing the field of dentistry or change careers to another field. Before students attend college to pursue dentistry or dental hygiene, we recommend that they work as dental assistants to see if this is the field they love.

Another great thing about our program is our ability to provide career assistance. Students who complete our program are able to find employment within the first month of the completion of the program. Having a nice, stable, and flexible job while in college is a great way to relieve yourself of the financial burden associated with attending college

Students Planning on Going Into Dental School or Hygiene School

Congratulations on deciding to pursue a career in dentistry. Dentistry can be the most fulfilling career out there. However, due to popular demand over the past couple of years, dentistry has become highly competitive, with thousands of applicants applying to dental school and hundreds to hygiene school. Due to this increase in demand, schools are now looking at much more than just grades and scores to determine if a student is a right fit for dentistry.

A great way students can set themselves apart is by having a previous background in the dental field. Students can do this by becoming certified as a dental assistant and showing their passion and interest in the dental field goes beyond the classroom

People Looking to Change Careers

We understand- when things don’t go as planned that is why at Advanced Dental Assisting we are here for you. With our fast track 5-week certified program we can get you certified as a dental assistant and into a new rewarding career. At Advanced Dental Assisting we also understand the importance of higher education that is why we strive our students to seek further advancements into the dental field such as dental hygienist and dentists. With our comminement we help students make the transition into the dental field seamless. We also understand that students cannot afford to put their life on hold. That is why within our program students are still able to work full time and attend class full time. We work with students’ schedules to make it easy.

Take the steps need today to secure a fulfilling career in dentistry


We teach with compassion and enthusiasm for all our students, and pledge to walk side by side with you as we work to support your journey into the dental field

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